Will AI Art Replace Artists?


You have probably not been paying attention if you haven't thought about whether AI art would eliminate the need for artists. Online platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Artstation have been overrun with AI art. People are beginning to wonder whether artists would suffer as a result of artificial intelligence. You might have seen a story from Vice recently about this AI creation, which took first place in a digital art competition at the Colorado State Fair. It's just one of many recent instances when AI art has triumphed over other types of artwork.

The most popular AI art software

The most well-known artificial intelligence art software is called Midjourney; it creates iterations of unique artwork using artificial intelligence and a vast collection of reference photos. Both artists and non-artists are increasingly using this program and similar ones. By merely entering in a few word suggestions, the algorithms have become sufficiently advanced to quickly recreate masterworks of art on par with those created during the Renaissance. Many of these unfinished items now have glaring defects and may yet be recognized as art made by AI.

Software development and costs for AI art

The science of AI art creation is still in its development, and some applications do charge up front costs. Though it doesn't require any technical creative ability and is more quicker and cheaper than hand painting, it frequently produces amazing results. While some artists are paralyzed by dread, plenty are thrilled about the possibilities. Considering that anyone with a competent computer can produce 10 pieces of art of a better quality in a couple of minutes and sell them for $50 each, how can an artist support themselves by charging $500–600 each piece?

How the AI art affected the artists?

Many of the artists in my community seem to be enthusiastic about it. After battling for so long to elevate their own artistic abilities to a comparable level, they are completely blown away at what they can do in Midjourney. I don't blame them, either. Right now, being an artist is challenging.

While the demand for art has remained high, the bar for technical proficiency has substantially risen recently. Concept artists are already expected by art directors to be proficient in a range of digital programs, such as Photoshop, Blender, Zbrush, and others. And in order to match the expectations for massive film and gaming titles, they anticipate them to produce great artwork with shorter turnaround times.

Jumping on the first opportunity that enables you to produce higher quality work more quickly is only natural. I believe that many of these artists are unaware of the fact that they are contributing to the rise in the demand for efficiency and quality.

As more artists use this software, it progresses and the required skill level rises. I believe AI uses artists more frequently than they use AI.

Will there still be a need for artists?

Before arguing that AI will replace artists, you need be aware of how AI creates images and works of art. So If you are wondering how AI produces its artistic creations. All you have to do to make a picture using an AI tool like DALL-E is describe it in text, and the software will create an image that fits your description. DALL-E AI is a text-to-image art generator that uses trainable and commendable algorithms to create the required images.

The quick response is: most likely, yes. There will always be a need for artists to "curate" the work, even with the unavoidable developments in AI software. That can involve making adjustments or using Photoshop to composite the outcomes. It can entail creating a basis for the AI to work from or entering the appropriate prompts for the project. In order to meet demand, an artist-AI symbiosis is definitely unavoidable at the highest levels of professional art. The most flexible artists are already using AI in their current process. They are already competent enough to utilize the program to enhance their productivity and level of work.

Utilizing AI art generators like OpenAI's DALL-E isn't a replacement for artists, in actuality. Artificial intelligence art generators won't supplant human artists, according to Anne Ploin of the Oxford Internet Institute.

Ploin is a member of a group of specialists investigating how AI will affect the creative industries. Instead, by accelerating the creation of high-quality works, these technologies will help people in their endeavors.

Ploin argues in a recent report titled AI and the Arts: How Machine Learning is Changing Artistic Work that the creative decision-making stage, which is crucial in art, cannot be replicated by current AI technology, despite the possibility that some aspects of the creative process may be replaced by AI. I believe that AI-generated art created by both artists and non-artists will probably become widely available and affordable. In most commercial fields, it will outperform both amateur and professional artists. It will be more cost-effective to have a robot generate "excellent art" if all you desire is that, rather than hiring an inexperienced artist fresh out of art school. I predict that high-quality hand-crafted art—yes, even digital art—will become much more precious. This is the silver lining for you purists. Not often for regular commercial ventures, but rather as a component of an artist's brand.

AI art will change the arts.

Of course, people will purchase and exchange AI artwork, and it will play a significant role in the highly competitive art market. Many individuals will lose their jobs as a result of it. Others will be forced to change as a result. However, hiring is still a popular option. They do not desire artwork produced by Midjourney. They desire works of art made by Artist X, who may or may not employ AI in their creations. In essence, some individuals will prefer an AI-based artist while others will view it as cheap and soulless. In either case, it's connected in some manner to the creator and their brand.

Consider the prior AI work that sold for $90K. The purchaser was ecstatic with it. Perhaps they weren't aware that it was AI and they were duped. And those responsible for that must be held accountable. But it's also possible that they are content with it because they are just happy to get a wonderful work of art that was produced using AI.

The Process's Importance

People also like watching the process. Who, in all sincerity, wants to watch videos of artists entering phrases into an algorithm and watching as the software produces various paintings? Perhaps some will, but I find it to be really dull.

The world around us, from politics to the environment, is something that art can respond to. Therefore, without the assistance of a human artist, an AI system cannot duplicate these conditions. For instance, you'll need to train DALL-E on a dataset containing thousands of images and videos of the content you want to create. You'll also need to use your creativity to come up with the right text prompts to direct the AI art generator as it creates these assets.

Images cannot be explained or given context by them. In the foreseeable future, artificial intelligence systems will not be able to take the role of creative professionals.

People typically believe that AI can't be used to make art since it can't feel or understand the emotion poured into the creation. AI, however, may study the methods employed by artists and produce works that are very comparable to those of human creators.

Some individuals predict that AI will someday replace artists totally, but this is unlikely to happen soon. Although artificial intelligence is capable of producing technically proficient works of art, it is not yet capable of producing works of truly creative or innovative design. Only human beings are capable of that sort of stuff.

You probably know that I began off sketching as a child and studied painting in college if you are familiar with me and my work. I enjoy playing with different media and learning new things. Learning to utilize digital tools like Photoshop has been a blast for me. They all assist me in my artistic endeavors, and I get to fully appreciate each step of the creative process. I simply don't see how I could take a back seat and let a machine do that instead of me.

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