Are art degrees useless? Answered by an "Art Student"


The short response is both yes and no. Any degree is advantageous. It demonstrates your ability to complete a task and suggests that you may have acquired abilities like efficient communication, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and analysis—skills that are pretty much a given with any college degree.

The real work

But qualifications might lose to experience, The degree itself is not very useful, Many jobs in the creative industries value experience more than a degree and prefer applicants with it. I want to work in the games sector, for instance, but on every firm website's employment section, they just ask for two or more years of experience and, if they do ask for a degree, they just say it must be "relevent," which might mean anything. almost nobody hire artists based on degrees (and if you have an attractive portfolio, nearly no one will care whether you have a degree or not), and many art schools are essentially frauds. The information you gain at school itself may be useful, depending on the institution, the classes, and the professors.

My experience as an art student

I've been studying painting at college, although over the past three years, what I've learned there pales in comparison to what I've learned from experiments, books, and online courses. There is only one advantage to studying art, and that is that you will join a community of artists that includes your professor, teaching assistants, and fellow students.

and you are fortunate if you were accepted into a top-notch school where you gain valuable knowledge, and it is exceptional. The fact is that you can't become a competent artist by only relying on what you learn in art school or college, You won't become an artist by earning an art degree. you must forge your own path via independent research and experimentation.

The point is that you don't have to attend art school to be an artist, and you don't have to waste your time and money doing so. Instead, you can follow your own path while having fun and Without being subject to test or grade pressure, you can study whenever and for whatever long you choose in the ideal setting you create for yourself.

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