Can Art Change The World?

“It lies in the power of art to honor the elusive but real value of ordinary life. It may teach us to be more just towards ourselves as we endeavor to make the best of our circumstances: a job we do not always love, the imperfections of age, our frustrated ambitions and our attempts to stay loyal to irritable but loved families. Art can do the opposite of glamourize the unattainable; it can reawaken us to the genuine merit of life as we’re forced to lead it. It is advertising for the things we really need.” – The Book of Life 

When we think about the significance of art, one of the first things that comes to mind is, "Can art make a difference?"

We are assaulted with images every day that disclose the terrible realities and verisimilitudes of the planet and global communities. We see it on television, in the newspaper, and in our daily social media feeds. We are continuously bombarded with tremendous emotion and hopelessness. But, while we feel noble sympathy and empathy, we also feel helpless. We believe that our position in the world and society does not allow us to stretch beyond our limits.

When we encounter a work of art, whether it is a painting, a photograph, a video, a film, a poem, a drama, or a song, we are touched and transformed. We evolve when we allow messages to reach us. We sometimes take for granted how much art we encounter and engage with on a daily basis. We select music that are most appropriate for our present mood, both at home and on the way to work. The words we hear and read become our life mantras, and we quote them. We continually artistically inspire one another by sharing pictures of beauty, hope, and optimism, contributing to the collective forces that bring about good change.


Art does not direct individuals on what to do, but it may link you to your senses, body, and soul. It has the ability to make the world feel. And this felt emotion may prompt thought, involvement, and even action.
Art inspires us to value intuition, uncertainty, and originality, as well as to continually seek new ideas; artists strive to violate rules and discover unconventional approaches to modern situations.

Most of us have been touched by a work of art, whether it's a song, a drama, a poetry, a novel, a painting, or a spatiotemporal experiment. We are moved when we are touched; we are transported to a new realm that is yet deeply based in a physical experience, in our bodies. We become aware of an emotion that may not be foreign to us but that we have not previously consciously focused on. This transforming experience is what art is always looking for.

Art's Power

Art may transfer our experience beyond location and time in a continually changing world. Art has the ability to reinterpret life's meaning via a fresh perspective. It depicts the world in a way that shifts viewers' perceptions and values toward reality. Art may be a social vehicle that affects perspectives and changes society by developing a new knowledge of life and existence.

Artists Obligations

The most significant and fundamental obligation of an artist—and the concept that even artists have responsibilities—is to help people grasp both physical reality and the imagined world. Art depicts reality in such a manner that it can alter the audience's view and perspective of the world. Art functions as a catalyst, separating facts from preconceptions and blending them with imagination to generate new meaning. It especially encourages individuals to direct their thoughts and imaginations in accordance with the significance they assign to a work of art.

When was the last time art affected your life? Were you so touched or enraged by it that you felt compelled to share or save it? 
I believe that a piece of art may make us more accepting of difference and of one another by bringing us together to share and debate it. The interaction with art – and with others over art – may help us relate with one another, widen our concepts of we.

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